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miss you when I visit my brother ROBERT  / Adam Holland (friend)
    I miss you coming over to my brother house across the street. Every time you seen me drive up you would come running with a smile on your face and visit the whole time i would be there. I just want to tell you how much ROBERT miss you . He goes by your grave site  at least once a week. Oh by the way, you are going to have a little step sister or brother on the way. ROBERT & FALLON are going to have a little baby. I know you would be like a big brother to this little one. Wish you were here to be with him. ROBERT misses you so much.I will let you know when they have the baby, .
Your friend, 
Adam Holland

P.S. ROBERT and MYSELF were just talking about you today and when I got home my mom showed me this site so I can still communicate with you.
I LOVE YOU STUDMUFFIN !!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU !!!!!!!! LOVE BEAUTIFUL  / Summer Booth (girlfriend)
HeY BaBy! i went and saw u today...i miss you more and more everyday...i love you s0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o much...i cant wait to be with you...  LIFE DOWN HERE GETS WORSE AND WORSE EVERYDAY WITHOUT U ...its just so s0o0o0o sorry about your glad u werent here to go through that again...well my parents arent together anymore and my mom has a boyfriend...she says shes happy with him so i guess thats dad doesnt really date that just dont know how much we all miss you down here...well i guess thats all for now...I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU...LoVe BeAuTiFuL
Love Ya!  / Vanessa Jenkins (sis/friend)
I could never forget the old times when ya'll were all I ever had. Not only were you, Amber, and your mom an inspiration to me but Sal will never forget you. I will always love all of you and I will always be there for your mom when she needs me. I wish that you could see Sal now. He is almost 7 years old and likes riding his bike almost as much as you did. I will never forget how you would come over almost everyday just to see if my mom was cooking anything better than what your mom was cooking for dinner and if not you would tell me that I could come over if I wanted. You will always be in my memories and in my prayers. I love you!
miss you much  / Amy Fricke (friend more so family )
c.j.   we miss you much.  i just want you to know i'll be right beside your mom threw this. i know how much your mom means to you and i know your her angel watching over her. you do your part from up there and i'll do mine down here. we will find out what happened to you and in time you will help with that, until then baby just know we miss you much and wish you were here. c.j. keep being you baby and you will have heaven wrapped around your finger. until we meet again i love you.        ms.amy
missing you more each day.....  / Nanny (godmother)
hey,baby it's nanny i just wanted to let you know how i'm missing you so much. each day don't seem to get easier only harder to understand "why"? you were so gifted with love for everyone that i guess you must have a very important  job that only you with such a special heart could take care of..i hope i find out what it is when i get to see you again..right now only god know's but, whatever it's is, he could'nt have picked a better boy than you i love you my big man i know you will do us proud with your journey with god.i will love you and miss you forever until we meet again goodnight c.j.
Missing you CJ  / Debbie Hord (friend)
Hey CJ, just want to let you know how much my family misses you.I miss you coming over and looking in my window to find scott and me telling you "what are doors for" Remember when Amanda and I use to give you and Scott rides to walmart and yall would roll down windows and sing real loud to Redneck Woman and dance around so everyone passing would hear ya'll.We would laugh so much at ya'll. I miss having you around and seeing your happy smile asking me "Mom would you bring me and scott to McDonalds" I could never turn you down and wish you were here so I could bring you whereever you needed to go.We love and miss you CJ and will be seeing you so save us a front row seat.......Miss Debbie
Hey man  / Monique Harvey (friend)
I wish there was another way I could talk to you just so I could hear all about how awesome it is up there. You are a great person and always have had a way of making everyone else feel better when things weren't as good as we all had hoped.... or just on a boring day when there was nothing better to do besides sit at cortney's and hang out. More less doing absolutely nothing.  You deserve the best and I'm sure you got it.  Sleep tight and we all love you!
R.I.P / Scott Hord (Brother/friend)

Cj  you were my best friend and like my brother i cryed so hard the day i found out you will always be in my memorys like when we camped out or when we did canon bombs in my pool (lol) we had some fun together in those years we were friends ill never forget you i know ur safe in heaven and you cant hurt nomore but i still cry when i think about how much i loved you like a brother so remember man " keep ya head up and neva let ya chin fall" you will always me a ramsey boy it will never change we all miss you and love you so much   R.I.P MAN  I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU                                                              
                             Your brother/friend                    
                              Scott Joseph Hord 

HeY My BuDDy!  / Megan Henningsen (friend)

hey cj how ya doin up there well i hope ur doin good cause tht makes one of us well i miss u so much i miss always being able to tlk to u bout things cause u always knew what to say and it is so hard right now cause im going threw alot and i rly do need u right now more than anything!! i miss u so much and i will always love you and dont ever forget tht ok babe much love cj!!!!

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