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One Year  / Melissa &. Steven Wild (Aunt & Uncle )
I can't believe tomorrow makes a year you've left us.  You are always in our thoughts.  We miss you.

Aunt Melissa & Uncle Steve
Hello C.J.  / Lane Sharp (My granddaughter's friend )

I know you and Christy are great friends. She was pals with all her younger brother's friends when she was on earth. I wish I could see the wonderful place you and Christy reside now. I bet you all make the angels laugh and sing with joy.  You have brought your mom and I together on this big wide web. I am hoping to meet her soon and communicate by email. We have you, Christy and all your friends in common now. It's as if you all keep bringing each new friend home to meet your family. 
goodby for now.. I will keep in touch.
Hugs to you CJ. from,
Lanes heart

i miss u so much  / Megan Henningsen (Friend)
hey CJ how ya doin? i hope that things are just fine and dandy for u up there lol0lol! well i just wanted to tell u that i miss u and i would do anything just to have u back. Sometimes i cry myself to sleep at night cause i miss u so much and when things go wrong and i dont tknow what to do i just always think of u cause when things use to get tough i would call u and u would always know what to say and it hurts casue nobody will ever be able to replace that u know? and im not sure what to do sometimes i wish that u could be here to tell me what to do!!! but everything happens for a reason well at least that is what im told all the time so i guess people are right!!!!!!! so i jsut wanna let u know that i love ya and dont ever forget that and i hope that when it is my time to go that u will be right there ready to guide mw through it all!!! well i love u with all my heart!!!!

<3 Megan Elizabeth
HEY C.J.!!!  / Summer Booth (girlfriend)

hey my baby!! i went to see u last night!! i was talkin to u!! i hope you heard me!! i told u that i loved u an that i was glad i have something to look forward to when i die!! you will be waitin for me in heaven and we will finally be together again!! its about to be a year already an it doesnt even seem like its been that long! it seems like just yesterday i got that phone call from cody tellin me that you didnt wake up!!! i didnt want to believe him but when his grandma called me n said that it wasnt a joke i didnt kno what to do!! i knew that god had taken you from us and wouldnt give u back no matter what!!! im sittin here cryin even though u do want me to but i cant help it!!! i miss you so much n u were the best thing that ever happened to me!!! u were the best thing that could ever happen to anybody!! everybody misses that smile you had everytime they saw u!!! but we'll all be together one day in heaven so we just have to wait for our time to come n then we'll be able to finally see u again!!! well i love you baby n come visit me in my dreams if you can ok? I LOVE YOU STUDMUFFIN!!!!!! FOREVER AN ALWAYS!!!



im miss you s0o0o much!!! i love you!!  / Summer Booth (girlfriend)

i cant stop thinkin bout you and about that day i got that horrible phone call from cody...its replayin in my mind over n over n it wont stop!! i cant go on like this anymore...not knowing the truth about what happened an why it happened kills me inside more and more everyday!! its just s00o0o hard not knowing the truth!!! i know you dont want me 2 cry but i do it anyway!!!its just so hard going on to highschool without u!!! we always talked about how we would finally be at the same school together n now i have to go without you!!! i kno that your not supposed to question god but i ask him why why why everyday!!! it all just makes no since at all why you???? why why why? everything happens for a reason but why did this happen? i just dont kno what to do anymore goin crazy!!! I JUST CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! I CANT JUST KEEP GOING ON LIKE THIS!!! IT KILLS ME A LITTLE MORE EVERYDAY THATS PASSSES!!! I JUST CANT DO IT ANY LONGER!!!! I JUST CANT AND I WONT!!!! I REFUSE TO LIVE THE REST OF MY LIFE LIKE THIS!!!! I JUST DONT KNO WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF ANYMORE!!! i go on everyday like this but today will be the last!!! well i love you c.j.!!!! i love s00o0o0o much!!! <3 bEaUtIfUl

I LOVE YOU C.J. WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love & Miss you  / Ronald Wild (Father)

There is not words to describ my grief.  You knew how much I loved you.

I love and miss my son and best friend.

Love,  Daddy.
IT DOSEN'T GET ANY EASIER  / Sheldon &. Rosalie Wild (Grandparents)


They say time heals.  It's almost a year and we still hurt as much as that fatal day you were taken from us.  Our hearts are heavy.  There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you.  You are everywhere we look.  You gave us many happy memories and was the best grandson God could have given us.   We visit you several times a week and we still can't believe you are gone.   

We miss you rushing in every evening at 5 o'clock.  You knew that it was eating time and  I could depend on you not to be late.  5 o'clock will never be the same.   We miss the blasting stereo, the phone ringing for C.J. and  we just miss our fun, loving grandson.

We miss and love you and we'll be together again one day.  

Love you, Maw Maw & Paw Paw

god knows how i miss you...  / Nanny (godmother)

hey,my man i just wanted to let you know i never stop thinking of you everyday i see your face so clearly it hurts sometimes but, i get by just knowing i'll be seeing you again oneday that really only helps for like a second though i feel like you should be here with us now god knows c.j. the people responsible for you being gone will pay...hopefully justice or the lords way one way or another they will pay...i love you kiddo but i gotta go for now but when i can i'll be you always, nanny

Miss You  / Dana O'Ragan (Neighbor)
Hey, I miss you more and more everyday.  Robert and Fallon are going to have a
little girl. And they wish that you could be here to see her. But then again you
are her guardian angle. And isn't that crazy. You can't be telling her when she gets
older to do crazy stuff. She is going to be crazy already just being kin to my
daddy and Robert. So she has it double. Well, we all miss you and we love you.
Missing you, baby boy..........  / Momma

I talk to you through the stars at night and through the morning sun every morning at sunset, baby I hope you here me and know my thoughts, at times I feel strongly you hear every word and at other times I'm not so sure, I haven't been here on the web-site for you baby, we have been in the middle of that move we have been waiting for, and it's just like you said it would be, "SWEET". It is nice, but the void out here is you. All the little things you did here are still here just the way you left them and the garden we talked about doing together is almost done and it is for you baby, all in memory of you. I call it my memory peace safe place, I know you know all of what I am talking about, It is hard baby, You know I was getting blake, well I have him with me now, He can not take your place in any kind of way, but he is my helper in our garden now and he reminds me so much of you, it hurts in all ways I just know that I must take care of him and in raising him I will do know different than I did with you baby, you are the best son a mother could have, and I will be pleased if he turns out to be just a part of the person you were. He told me yesterday that his momma and Nanny are taking care of you uo there in heaven and I have to take care of him down here. He really misses you to C.J. I have this crazy dial up service right now, DSL will be on 7/10/06 I can't wait. this is the first time I have been able to the site...... I'm still here baby and trust me I will never go away. I love you C.J. and will be back as soon as I can.  momma

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