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Summer Joy lit a candle on 11/17/2011: "I love you more an more every day! You are always on my mind! Can't wait until the day we will finally be reunited love!"
Jason Cancienne lit a candle on 09/04/2011: "Not a day goes by without our memories staying you man"
Monica Weysham -. Peterson lit a candle on 08/06/2011: "Spread your Angle wings today & give your mom & family a big hug today they need one from you. Happy Birthday in Heaven"
Sandra Hardwick lit a candle on 08/04/2011: "Dear C.J.,Just wanted you to know you are being thought of today and missed by your Mom and friends."
Momma Happy Heavenly B-day lit a candle on 08/04/2011: "6 years today CJ, you live with me today just as much as when you were born into this cruel world.luv u bunchies"
Dana Foret lit a candle on 12/06/2010: "Just wanted to say hey man!!!! We still miss you very much. Love you always!!"
Eisenhardt Family lit a candle on 08/04/2010: "Still think of you everyday..waiting to see you again. I know you are in HEAVEN and watching over all that LOVE YOU!!"
Louise Ringuette lit a candle on 08/01/2010: "My sincere sympathies to your family. Hope time has allowed your mom to find peace."
Summer Joy lit a candle on 07/26/2010: "I love you"
KME Loves You... lit a candle on 05/23/2010: "You are in my Heart..."
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